How to Run

Me. My life. That’s it.


So we are moving…

It’s a smaller place and a new part of Cape Town. Should be interesting to get away from the place I’ve been for about 6 years now.

We’ll see how goes.




Day 3 of me and no caffeine

So far so good…

26-hour day

once upon our time

in a land far gone

where hate crime’s enforced by state crime

even though they say the land of the free was made for both you and me


well, the girl next door might have cancer

and the hospital nearby’s got the answer, but

she’s never been there, can’t afford healthcare

in the arms of the home of the brave, she’s carried to her grave


marionettes for presidents, strung out on wars

and we’re not sure who’s american anymore

division of church and state is my kind of separatism

spreading god’s love through scare tactics is casual terrorism

and if abortion’s murder, let’s strip that right away, and

who gave women the right to vote anyway?


so many babies

brought into the world today

amongst so many maybes

like maybe they’ll feel loved, be provided for, and have a place to stay

but instead of placing them in loving stable homes

that might not fill the conservative bill

they’re tossed around the foster system like a hot potato

instead of making friends of dorothy

they’re thrown to the tornado


death warrants signed by murderers

who came to power through the back door

is this democracy or a monarchy

what do we hold elections for

you write your personal agenda on a post-it note

and leave the constitution lying on the bathroom floor


this is for the world trade center, for columbine

for oklahoma city and the lost and lonely friends of mine

for ireland, iran, iraq

and the suffering caused by the indian ocean’s attack

for falun gong and the berlin wall

the homeless, the hungry, and slaves to drugs and alcohol

indian, australian, african slaves

native americans whose amber waves of grain

were melted down into white men’s riches

victims of war and for salem’s witches

for boys who were told to act more like boys

and girls who were told to only play with girl toys

the voiceless, forgotten, plagued by disease

god help us please, please, please


maybe one day i’ll stop alternating

between thirteen hours of eating and thirteen hours of sleeping

and do something about it with what i guess could have been a twenty-six hour day


lyrics by jaybrannan



Swearing is bad for you!

I hate it when I swear but it comes too naturally and sometimes unexpectedly and then I feel shit (I categorise this as a swear word :) about it! I know a lot of people that manage to go through the entire day without uttering a single curse-word or anything ‘nasty’.

It’s just a gentlemanly thing to do – especially at work and my language overpowers me when I get mad or something doesn’t work the way I want it to etc.. I need to control this and my too sudden anger at the most stupid things!

So I think this is a realistic goal that will take a lot of willpower and restraint and I think I’ll actually find this more challenging than not smoking!

I think (again) that I’ll try and keep tab of the amount of swearing I do on a daily basis and that way maybe encourage myself to ‘cut back’ a bit! Cool.

Me and feeling kak

I have been sick so many times this year it’s not even funny any more. I’m not like sick that I have to see a doctor immediately. But it’s just general feeling crappy. I will have sinus problems or my throat will hurt for about a week until it get’s worse and I HAVE to go see a doctor. So I’ll try and eat right; No drinking; no smoking whatsoever (over a month now!!), getting outdoors more etc.. Let’s hope it works! I’ll obviously only start when I’m feeling better!